Monday, October 10, 2011

Nature - Vision & Inspiration - Marlena Macovitch

I wanted to share with you all an experience I had which illustrates Michael’s continuing and continual influence in my life.
I just finished reading “You Are Not Alone” and was encouraged by one of the things that Jermaine related about Michael. He said that in the early 80’s, before “Thriller” Michael began writing positive affirmations on the mirror in his bathroom. He also taped affirmations for himself that he would listen to periodically. I began doing this myself after reading this. You see, I’ve needed those positive affirmations in my own life. I am a jewelry designer, but express myself in a number of artistic mediums. However, for the past decade, due to a number of major disappointments in my life I had been dealing with major depression that lead to a creative block. This caused a vicious cycle which was incredibly disheartening, since I had made my living with my creative talents for some years. I felt as though I was seeing life through a grey veil. All of this changed shortly after the 25th of June, 2009. While I was emotionally devastated, I also seemed to come alive again emotionally and creatively. It was as though my world became brighter and more alive again. I was once again able to see and appreciate the spectacular beauty all around me. My senses seemed to be once again finely tuned as they once were and I was able to feel the ecstatic joy of my youth because of this. I absolutely believe that Michael was responsible for this by leaving a part of himself for me.
I am particularly inspired by the beauty and forms of Nature and love being surrounded by trees and flowing water. As we know Michael felt the same. A couple weeks ago I stopped at a local spring which has been capped so that people in the area can get water there. Its in an area set back off a rural road. I’ve had several “Michael experiences” at this spring, as I tend to feel his presence most intensely out in Nature. It was late afternoon and the Sun was shining beautifully through the trees.   There are several small streams that run off of the main spring. I looked around as I filled my bottles with water and happened to see the Sun sparkling in the stream next to me. This one had a tiny waterfall which made a wonderful sound. There were some beautiful gold and red leaves floating in the stream and the bed was filled with multi-coloured pebbles, which were accentuated by the sunlight. It was so gorgeous that my eyes filled with tears, I felt a sense of oneness with creation, and I said, “Michael, see this through my eyes.” I’ve done this many times while seeing a breathtaking sunset or the spectacular colours of autumn leaves because I know he would feel as I do. I knew as I was leaving the spring that this sight would stay with me and inspire my creativity. As I was falling asleep that night I had a flash of creative inspiration in which I saw a necklace with a cascade effect that I will design using the colours I saw in that stream.
Since he left this world I’ve realized that Michael is always with us, guiding us, inspiring us in whatever we wish to achieve, as long as we do those things to bring beauty to the world, with love in our hearts and souls. He will live on through us in our positive and loving actions and artistic creations.

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  1. Dear Brenda, your blog is wonderful! It was a great idea, to share our friends experiences, the "Michael awakening". I had a beautiful experience too and since dear Michael passed, things changed a lot for me. I believe many will relate with this blog and join our Army of Love.

    Much love to you,