Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spirited Away With Michael - Kathie Kim Clevenger Person

My Lightning Bolt happened summer of 2009. I was not a fan of Michael's previously. I had Thriller on vinyl and noticed him here and there.  By the time of the second allegations I thought "I doesn't look good for him."  But I never really paid any attention to that kind of thing.  
I refused to watch anything on T.V. about his death and services.  I was even I bit mad that he "stole" some of Farrah's light.  Then on the 4 of July my husband was flipping through T.V. channels and we caught part of a Michael story which made us want to see his short films.  We found the same 5 playing on every channel.  So I hit the computer and started searching for Michael there.  I couldn't tear myself away from the You Tubes of interviews and concerts or anything Michael. I discovered this beautiful human being, a wonderful man.  There was so much more to him than the entertainer they always portrayed on T.V.  Then on July 21, 2009, in the morning I woke up at 7 (early for me) and I started to cry because we had to claim bankruptcy, but even more so because I felt awful about Michael and how he was treated and all he had gone through. I knew by what I had read he was not capable of the things of which he was accused. (I know a bit about being wrongfully accused, personally.) They even made me doubt him.  What right did I have to judge him.  What did I know?  So I would cry and apologize to Michael and I would feel as though some one comforted me. I would calm down for a little bit then I would think of something else that he went through and cry again. Heart wrenching, body quaking sobs almost to the point of being physically ill. Again I would feel as though I was being comforted. It got to the point of me saying to no one there: "Whatever you want but I won't sell my soul to the devil." I had no idea why I had said that... 
TIn the meantime I found MJTP and Inner Michael and started piecing some things together. While chatting with people on MJTP or researching Michael I would get what I called "waves of love" through my chest and put my arms out and tears would roll down my cheeks as I said "I love you , too." They were tears of joy and the action just happened... I knew of one other person on MJTP feeling the waves of loves, as well.  We rarely "spoke" to each other but it confirmed for me that Michael had something to do with it. That was the beginning of this incredible journey for me.
It took awhile to learn it was a spiritual awakening and that Michael had a hand in it (I feel) and it was just in time for this ascension. I had no idea of any of this. I find all of this rather amazing. I keep looking into things and I wonder just what it is I am "to do".  I have heard a few theories but I would love to be able to speak of this with you.  I don't follow any religion and as far as spirituality goes I considered my love of music and dance my spirituality.  In fact I have never felt comfortable in church.  There are some long, involved stories of my life thus far that I would like to spare you that help to explain things.  As far as all this is concerned, I am still learning things just about every day.
Much Love, Kathie

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