Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Love For Michael Grows and Grows More - Chrisdina Fries

When I heard the news I was in shock and thinking so much in short time.  What is going on there, that's not possible!  Not he, not Michael I cant believe it, what is with his kids.  It must be horrible.  That was in my mind, and I remember:
In my younger days (16) I was in the disco and hear, The Girl is Mine, Bad, and the  next was Thriller, wooooooow.  What do this man, it's amazing, great, unbelievible. After a time comes Man in the Mirror, and Heal the World, Earth Song.  Every song that I heard was amazing, and then came his concert in Cologne, Dangerous.  I was there and it was great too, but I was never a fan how the girls who cried and screamed.  Then he died, it was so horror, I cried when I hear the news and I don't  know why.  In a short time I bought all what was possible, and then I bought in the internet all that I could get.  Since this time I am a Michael Jackson Junkie, I meet another women who said, since his death we love him so much and we miss him so much it's unbelievible.  I was not alone, I pray to Michael because for me he was and is an angel.  God sent him to earth to show us what we must learn, L.O.V.E. Not war, hate and other negative things that are going on here.  I believe now his death was to shake us and wake us up.  God said now the people know what you have done; you helped wherever you could, you prayed ever for a change for a better world.  And now more and more people love you and want to do it.  I believe now we are all together his soldiers of love, to show the world love and this is so urgent.  I must have time to understand what is going on with my mind, but now I look ever to do things better.  And I look to help another, when it's possible I do it ever and I want to make every day something for change in a better way.  Michael I miss you so much, and I love you so much.  But I know this way must come so that we  understand why you were on earth.  And Love never dies, your spirit was pure love, you never die, in all the next generations your love will live, and the whole earth will come to a better place.  Next year I will come to LA, I know that your spirit is everywhere but I will visit YOU♥♥♥
God bless you and us all that we make a better world for the future♥♥♥ 

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